<h2><a href='/blog/pages/post.aspx?ItemID=46'>Are you ready for anywhere?</a></h2>

Published by Chisholm Online on 23/09/2016 9:19:00 AM in Ideas

​​At Chisholm Online, we’re ready to make ‘anywhere’ possible for you. Turning your aspirations into reality is possible when you have access to a full range of flexible support services throughout your learning journey; from course advisors, to e-tutors, to your student engagement team. ​

<h2><a href='/blog/pages/post.aspx?ItemID=45'>How to become job ready</a></h2>

Published by Chisholm Online on 14/09/2016 1:33:00 PM in Ideas

The overwhelming trend job recruiters are seeing in the market is a lack of, what they call, 'job readiness'. So what exactly is it to be job ready and how can you achieve this? Employability and talent specialist Rebecca Fraser says, "Being job ready starts at understanding the job through to understanding the future of the job. But there are some key things that will ensure you are perceived as being job ready in your next interview".

<h2><a href='/blog/pages/post.aspx?ItemID=44'>Building online learning content to suit you, the student</a></h2>

Published by Chisholm Online on 2/09/2016 4:35:00 PM in Opinions

​As Head of Teaching at Chisholm Online​, Clare Nelson knows it's vital that students find their learning tools engaging and interactive. She says, "Creating our learning resources here at Chisholm Online is a lengthy but rewarding process. A team of writers, subject matter experts, assessment specialists and instructional designers, all work together to make the final product you see in Moodle". But where do they start?

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