Supporting small business through online courses

16/07/2015 10:23:00 AM

It's not every day that I find myself looking at the treasury website and scanning their myriad of statistics and associated analysis. Today is different though: This February Chisholm Online launch a series of qualifications that looks to support the areas of small business, aspiring business owners and our future entrepreneurs. According to treasury, Small Businesses employed around 4.5 million people in 2012-13, equating to approximately 43 percent of private sector employment. This 43 percent, the same report states, contributes around 33 percent of private industry value added in 2012-13. These are significant numbers!​

For an education business like Chisholm Online we look at this and the immediate challenge is how do we provide support that meets the reality of such a varied workf​orce with differing demands on their time and their life outside of work?

We start to meet this challenge by delivering well designed, practical qualifications that focus on the reality of what a small business needs – e.g. Knowledge and skills to manage the challenges in their existing organisation and to provide the tools so that the business is better placed to grow in the future. This is a first priority. Equally, where established small business are looking to grow again past their establishment phase we want to provide more specialist business support and qualifications. That's why we are also offering courses in Marketing, HR, Accounting and WH&S. All relevant areas for business and backed up by significant tutor support with strong small business experience.

Courses available include Certificate IVs in areas such as Business Management and Marketing as well as Diplomas areas such as Business, Business Management, HR and Accounting.​

by Theo Teeder at 16/07/2015 10:23:00 AM in Ideas


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