Changes to training in mental health, alcohol and other drugs provide students more choice and the opportunity to specialise

22/03/2016 12:20:00 PM

Changes to training in mental health, alcohol and other drugs provide students more choice and the opportunity to specialise.
Healthcare and Social Assistance is the largest employing industry in Australia, representing more than 12 per cent of the total workforce*. And given it will be the number one growth industry by 2018, career prospects in the health sector look promising.

To respond to changing industry needs, and to provide better learning outcomes for students and employers alike, changes have been made to a key diploma-level qualification in the area.

The Diploma of Community Services (Alcohol, Other Drugs and Mental Health) has been replaced by two separate qualifications:  the Diploma of Mental Health and the Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs.

As Chisholm Online Head of Teaching Clare Nelson explains, this splitting of the two qualifications will deliver industry the flexibility it is looking for, while promoting workforce mobility.

Work placements – mandatory for both courses - will ensure students are assessed in the workplace and meet the on-the-job experience that employers want from new recruits.

These are all key features that employers, unions, government agencies, trainers and workers in the industry alike have told the Community Services and Health Industry Council – the body responsible for designing appropriate training for the sector  - are needed to meet the ever-increasing workforce demands in community services and health.

Of course, you might want to qualify in both the mental health field and the field of alcohol and other drugs. In this case, you can study both diplomas without the need to undertake double the study, as there are common skills taught across both qualifications.
So you can build on this common knowledge and specialise in both fields, boosting your employability across the sector.

So it’s over to you.  The choice is yours.  At Chisholm Online, we offer all three courses – Diploma in Mental Health, Diploma in Alcohol and Other Drugs and the Dual Diploma. To learn more about which course is best for you, visit ,

*Source: Australian Government Department of Employment June 2014

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