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10/06/2016 11:44:00 AM

​This June Chisholm has launched a new mid-year campaign under the heading of 'Put your training to work'. In as much as a headline can deliver a campaign message, it is important in highlighting what we stand for, what our students can expect for their hard work and how to geting the most reward for their efforts. These efforts are more than being engaged in their online learning – this is a given through well designed courses and expert online teacher support. It is about knowing student motivation and goals for why they are studying and where we sit in that journey. We see it with all types of students that embark on courses with Chisholm Online; we see it with students like Amy who was volunteering as a social worker while studying with COL. The centre was so impressed with the skills she was developing through her studies with Chisholm Online, they offered her a paid position. We see it with Sonia, whose passion for team sports and coaching led her to pursue a career in education through studying with Chisholm Online. Now Sonia has a full-time job at the childcare centre where she did her work placement.

Beginning with the goal in mind is clearly important. Choosing an education provider that is well resourced and professional in its approach can be the difference between completing and achieving your goals or falling short. What is less obvious are the career options and industry areas that give students their best chance of success. This is where we can add the extra layer to the standard course offerings. We focus on courses that are both in-demand now as well as looking at the future trends of the workforce and how certain industries are predicted to continue to grow.
For example, employment within the education and training sector is expected to increase by 13% by 2020*. Similarly, by 16.4% in health care and by 8.3% in the construction industry*. This is why we have focused on offering courses within these three sectors, as well as a broad set of business qualifications which remain integral for all industries.

In essence, this is what 'Put your training to work' is all about – get the best rewards now with a real qualification that improves job outcomes and puts you in a stronger position for the future. This is vocational education and training delivered by Chisholm. Visit for more information.


*Labour Market Information Portal, 2016,

by Theo Teeder at 10/06/2016 11:44:00 AM in Opinions


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