Put your training to work – Liz’s story

8/07/2016 10:05:00 AM

​Liz Atkinson is a payroll and human resource administrator. Three years ago, she started learning on the job, steadily building her knowledge and experience over time. But something felt incomplete.

"I didn't have any formal qualifications for my role and I could see that it could be limiting as I advanced in my career," says Liz. "I wanted to upskill and broaden my knowledge, which is why I decided to study for a Diploma in Human Resource Management."

Following nine months of study with Chisholm Online, usually after full-time work hours, Liz achieved her objectives: confidence and validation.

"This is me saying, hey! I'm qualified to do this job and I know exactly why," laughs Liz, explaining that while her job hasn't changed, she now has a different mindset on how she approaches her work."

"It's no more about my personal point of view. It's been replaced by a fresh business perspective," says Liz. "I understand and can explain why things need to be done a certain way; the benefits; the importance; the impact on other departments and aspects of the business."

Her employer, Justin Burgoine, Managing Director at Kincrome, agrees. "Not only can we see the benefits for the development of Liz, but she's now passing that on through even myself and also back through the rest of the business where we're implementing new programs and procedures. So it's been a benefit for everybody."

As Liz explains, the best thing about Chisholm Online​ is the flexibility to study at a time that best suits you. 

"The level of service they provide is fantastic. The support from the teachers, the support from the engagement staff, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to study," she said.

For more information about Chisholm Online and courses, visit​ or call on 1300 275 265 and speak directly with the Course Advisor team. ​

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