Can a Graduate Certificate in Management really help advance your career?

11/07/2016 2:22:00 PM

​"Absolutely", says teacher Patricia Dodd who developed the Graduate Certificate in Management​ (GCM) course content and assessments for Chisholm Online.

"GCM is designed for those who have significant industry experience looking to expand and affirm their knowledge and skills with a qualification, helping them step up to the next level in their career."

And with the latest Department of Employ​​ment report on Australian jobs projecting a growth of 9.2% or 140,000 jobs in management over the next five years to 2020, graduate students are well placed to take up new career challenges. 

This is a short duration management qualification that is also a pathway to an MBA, perfect for those who have already completed a diploma or degree or have at least five years of industry experience.

"Typically, our students hold a supervisor or team leader role with the intention of applying for a management position. Many are project managers in a specialist construction or engineering field and are looking for a solid management qualification to help them move into a broader role within their field," said Patricia.

Bigger role, higher pay

For Sean Winter from WA, it was employment uncertainty that triggered his decision to enrol in the GCM, ultimately securing him a new senior position.

"When I learnt that the contract under which I was employed was open to competitive tender, I knew it was time for me to pursue graduate studies," said Sean. "I had 18 years of experience at Barrow Island managing the airport's administration but without a formal qualification."

He wanted a course that would give him the confidence to apply for a senior position with a new company and the credibility to back up his many years of management experience.

"I now have 12 ground handlers reporting directly to me in my new role, which I believe can be attributed to my success with Chisholm Online's Graduate Certificate in Management," he said. "And I was also able to negotiate a higher pay rate with this added responsibility."

Meanwhile at Barrow Island Airport, Sean was able to put the lessons from the course's leading innovation module and managing change unit to good use, when airport management was officially handed over from one company to another.

"We had a major gas plant being built, a helicopter hanger undergoing a total refurbishment of electrical wiring and lighting, at the same time the airport administration changed hands. A strict adherence to the management of change process enabled us to achieve all objectives without any interruption to flight schedules and services, and without any negative impact on passenger experience," said Sean.

Leadership and strategic growth

Tom Williamson is managing director of his family's real estate company. Initially looking for a short-term graduate qualification to recognise his diverse management capabilities in a range of small businesses, Tom has come away with much more than affirmation.

"I've learnt what it really takes to be a leader, and its difference to being a manager," said Tom. "How to think differently and communicate differently to develop innovation; how to use best practice methodology and tools for strategic planning and project planning."

"This course has helped guide the development of my business. We have already started strategically planning and restructuring our business for growth," he said.

The next Graduate Certificate in Management intake is in July. Visit​ for more information or call and speak with a Course Advisor on 1300 275 265.​

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